British comedian, actor, activist and transgender heterosexual Eddie Izzard takes your questions on The Stream. Izzard has gained a large following in part due to his knack for pushing gender and political boundaries. Known for campaigning heavily against Scotland’s September independence referendum and a staunch pro-European Union advocate, some have now begun to criticise him for using his comedy as a platform for his political leanings. We discuss this and much more during our live conversation with Eddie Izzard at 1930GMT. 

He will be touring the United States from April 30 to July 2. Check out his schedule here

In this episode, we speak to:

Eddie Izzard @eddieizzard
Comedian, actor

Chris Roden @mrchrisroden
Law student, University of Glasgow

Nisma Baig @TheNizzyB
Lawyer, blogger

Zahra Noorbakhsh @Zahranoo
Writer, actor, comedian

Michael Clark @DisgruntIndivid

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