Brandon Stanton, 'Humans of New York' photographer. (JOHN BERUBE)

Since 2010, Brandon Stanton has been capturing stories of New Yorkers on what is perhaps the internet's most popular photo blog, "Humans of New York". Stanton's site features 4,000 portraits, boasts a social media following of nearly 2 million, and has inspired a movement of street photography pages from around the world. We'll get an inside look at the story behind the blog. Join the conversation at 1930GMT. 

In this episode of The Stream, we speak with:

Brandon Stanton @humansofny
Founder, Humans of New York
Jon Apted
Founder, Humans of the Fiji Islands
Erez Kaganovitz 
Founder, Humans of Tel Aviv
Debra Barraud @HumansofAdam
Founder, Humans of Amsterdam
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