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The Vietnam War, Cambodia in the aftermath of Pol Pot, and the US civil rights movement are only a few of the history making events that world-renowned journalist and filmmaker John Pilger has covered. In his latest documentary “Utopia”, Pilger returns to his homeland of Australia to examine his country's relationship with its indigenous community, describing it as unrepentant apartheid. Join the conversation with him at 19:30 GMT.
In this episode of the Stream, we speak with
John Pilger, @johnpilger
Journalist and filmmaker
Cameron Reilly, @cameronreilly
Founder, Podcast Network
Jörg Tittel, @newjorg
Writer and director, Oiffy
Tim Brandon, @mild_concern
Editor, Mild Concern
Kashish Parpiani, @ShootToFrame
Documentary photographer
Amber Jamieson, @ambiej 
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