Saint Vincent and The Grenadines Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves addresses the 68th session of the General Assembly at United Nations headquarters on September 27, 2013. Gonsalves and other Caribbean leaders used the event to call attention to the region's push for slavery reparations. (EPA/MARY ALTAFFER /POOL)

What is the legacy of slavery in the Caribbean, and can it be repaired by reparations? Fourteen Caribbean countries are suing their former European colonisers and seeking payment for damages rooted in the slave trade. Leaders of the campaign say the money would go towards development projects. Many feel there is a moral case for compensation, but how strong is the legal case? Join the conversation at 19:30 GMT.

In this episode of The Stream, we speak with:

Jomo Thomas 
Chair of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines reparations committee
Martyn Day @LeighDay_Law
Senior partner at Leigh Day law firm  
Gelien Matthews 
Lecturer at the University of the West Indies history department 
Attillah Springer @tillahwillah

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