An Ultra Orthodox Jewish bride (C) is accompanied by her relatives during the wedding of the grandson of Beltz (hasidic dynasty) Rebbe in Jerusalem, Israel, 21 May 2013. (EPA/ABIR SULTAN)

The destruction of Israel’s lineage – that’s what some believe will happen if civil unions are permitted in the country. Currently, the only marriages recognised by the state are a few same faith religious ceremonies, forcing those who don’t meet the strict criteria to travel abroad to tie the knot. Now, bills introduced in Israeli Parliament hope to give couples who wish to have civil unions the same rights and privileges as those married via religious ceremony. They have already been met with opposition and many are sceptical they will pass. What impact would civil unions have on Israeli society if the laws were changed, and why is it so complicated? Join us at 1930GMT.

In this episode, we speak to:
Ruth Calderon 
Member of Knesset
David Gross @DavidGross613
Religious teacher
Mickey Gitzin @Mickeygitzin 
Executive Director, Be Free Israel
Leah Aharoni @leah_aharoni
Co-founder, Women for the Wall
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