As Israel continues air strikes in Gaza, its army is also increasingly moving to war tactics online. The Israeli army announced its military operation not through a news conference, but on Twitter.

Both the Israeli army and Hamas are posting updates on their attacks in real time. Israelis and Palestinians used dueling hashtags as they battled for control of the narrative on social media.

Twitter also became a vital outlet for Gazans to spread information even after the power was cut off. The hacker collective Anonymous is reportedly fighting to keep Gaza online after fears spread that the Internet might be cut.

In this episode of The Stream, we speak to:

Omar Baddar @OmarBaddar
Social Media Manager, Arab American Institute

Avi Mayer @AviMayer
Director of New Media, Jewish Agency for Israel

Harry Fear @harryfear
Documentary Filmmaker

Rana Baker @RanaGaza
Blogger and activist

Mohammed Suliman @imPalestine
Blogger and activist

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