After Super Tuesday - where people in 14 states pick their top choice for presidential candidate - the Democratic Party faces the semi-final battle for the soul of the party: Establishment or Revolution?

Supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders say their candidate brings grassroots excitement to the race, with decidedly un-Trumpian plans for the environment, immigration, education and healthcare. Detractors say his plans are too socialist for Americans and that he threatens the sense of economic security enjoyed by the middle class.

Supporters of former Vice President Joe Biden say their candidate stands in the centre of the Party, and all other wings of the Party could rally behind him without feeling sold out. His detractors say he does not bring the same energy to the race as Sanders, and his proposals are "milquetoast".

So which way will the Party go, and what does it have to do to win the face-off with Republican President Donald Trump?

Join Steve Clemons and his panel as they examine the war within the Democratic Party.


Reverend Leah Daughtry - Chief executive officer of the Democratic National Convention in 2008 and 2016

Michelle Gale - Grassroots Democratic Party activist in Chicago

Lenae Erickson - Senior vice president for social policy and politics at the Third Way think-tank

Source: Al Jazeera News