In an era of social distancing, much of traditional campaigning has gone the way of the handshake - cancelled. Goodbye to face-to-face rallies, fundraisers and door-knocking. Hello to "virtual rallies" and digital campaigning.

While President Donald Trump has the advantage of full access to national television, by virtue of daily coronavirus news conferences, the Democratic contenders have largely been relegated to digital platforms.

Several states have pushed their primary elections to June, and the national conventions for the parties seem unlikely to be held. Americans are justifiably more concerned with their families, health and ability to make ends meet.

Join Steve Clemons and his panel of experts as they talk about the twists and turns of the 2020 election.


Amy Dacey - former CEO of the Democratic National Committee and currently executive director of the Sine Institute of Policy & Politics at American University

Adam Goodman - republican media strategist

Doug Thornell - democratic adviser and partner at SKDK, a political strategy firm in Washington, DC

Source: Al Jazeera News