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Electronic cigarettes are the latest device being touted as a "safer" alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes.

I don't want to see people galloping to assume that this is the solution to the problem with smoking before they know its health effects.

Suzaynn Schick, UCSF School of Medicine

But are the health claims for this new generation of cigarettes actually true, or are they a smokescreen?

TechKnow delves into the new science on e-cigarettes with contributor Dr Crystal Dilworth, who is a molecular neuroscientist specialising in nicotine research.

She explores whether e-cigarettes are a way to get a nicotine fix without the harmful carcinogens that come with smoking, or if they are simply a gateway drug that leads young smokers to addiction and other forms of experimentation.

Also in this episode of TechKnow, Phil Torres meets the Indiana Jones of Space Archaeology and sees the lost Egyptian city she discovered from outer space.

Low orbiting satellites are increasingly used in constellations to achieve wider coverage and TechKnow gets up-close and personal with the most sophisticated commercial configuration in the world.

The use of remote sensing can be used not only in science and agriculture but also archeology. The goal is to empower countries and regions to preserve and protect their own ancient civilisations, minimising the need for international oversight.

Source: Al Jazeera