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[Back in 1995] we didn't have the man power, we didn't have the technology to move forward with the DNA.

Sheriff Todd Bonner

In many ways, the crime-fighting of the future is with us today, and new techniques in forensic science can influence the ways we solve cases.

TechKnow explores the cold case of a murdered young woman that is reopened after 19 years, thanks to developments in Touch DNA technology.

Crystal Dilworth takes a look at the innovations that enabled it to be solved and goes to the John Jay School of Criminal Justice to learn more about the latest in forensic technology.

Next, we look at 3D printing - or additive manufacturing - which in recent years has moved from the commercial to the consumer market. Originally used for creating prototypes and models, 3D printing is exploding both in its reach and its application.

In the same way as smart phones created a platform for anyone to design an app, 3D printing has brought flexibility and creativity into the physical realm, as Kosta Grammatis finds out.

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Source: Al Jazeera