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Phil Torres takes a look at the preservation of endangered species and whether it might genuinely one day be possible to bring back animals that are already extinct. He finds out, that the zoos and animal theme parks of the future may be dependent on radical, freezing technology.

Each cell of an individual is capable of producing the entire individual.

Dr Oliver Ryder, , director of genetics for the Institute for Conservation Research

Phil reports from San Diego's "Frozen Zoo," where geneticists are keeping cells from more than 1,000 species in cold storage so that future technology could use them to restore endangered animals.

We learn about the concept of genetic rescueing - restoring an endangered species to full genetic health - one of the key mission at the Frozen Zoo.

It is hoped that conservation efforts will be enough to save one of the planet’s most severely endangered animals, the northern white rhino.

Also in this episode, Tornado Technology: Shini Somara explores the technological advances in tornado storm shelter protection and forecasting while she experiences what it really feels like to be hit by a ‘twister’.

Reporting from "Tornado Alley" she also meets one mom determined to turn her family's tragedy into safer schools across the state. 

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