Five years since the start of the US-led war in Iraq the large numbers of "weapons of mass destruction" claimed to be in the hands of Saddam Hussein's government by the administration of George Bush have yet to be found.

The threat posed by such weapons was used as a pretext by the US and its allies to begin the conflict in Iraq in 2003.

Prior to the war Hans Blix was recalled out of retirement by the then secretary general Kofi Annan to head up the UN's weapons inspection team in Iraq.

The former Swedish foriegn minister and head of the International Atomic Energy Agency's reports on Iraq's alleged weapons programme contradicted those of the Bush administration, and in an interview in 2004 he accused the US and British governments of overstating the threat posed by the programme.

Al Jazeera's Mark Seddon travelled to the historic Scottish city of St Andrews to speak with Blix.

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Source: Al Jazeera