Khalid Meshaal says the surfacing of the report
exposed in Vanity Fair vindicates Hamas' coup of Gaza
A report released this week by the American magazine Vanity Fair disclosed a plan by the US administration to overthrow the democratically-elected Hamas by arming rival Fatah forces through millions of dollars worth of weapons.

This as Israel waged its deadliest round of attacks on Gaza since 2000.

Al Jazeera's Hashim Ahlbarra meets with Hamas' Khaled Meshaal – head of the group's political bureau, and asks him about the report.

In this episode of Talk to Jazeera, Meshaal, talks about the leaked US plan of arming Fatah and instigating a civil war in Gaza.

He also talks about rocket fire from the coastal strip and answers questions about a possible truce with Israel.

Meshaal says the surfacing of this report vindicates Hamas's seizing full control of Gaza, claiming that it was a pre-emptive measure forced upon them to preserve their existence and the voice of those who voted for them.

Al Jazeera also questions the leader on Hamas's logic behind rocket attacks from Gaza in light of the recent onslaught by Israel and the humanitarian loss as a result. 

The Hamas leader is asked about his links with Iran and where the group gets its support from.

Meshaal denies receiving any funding or arms from Iran and insists that Hamas is an independent group, reliant on no one.

On talks with Israel, Meshaal says that following the "holocaust" perpetrated by the Israelis, talks are out of the question. He also says that Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian president, should reassess his position on talks as well.

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