Ban Ki-moon talks to Al Jazeera's Mark Seddon [EPA]
In this episode of Talk to Jazeera, Al Jazeera's Mark Sedden talks to Ban Ki-moon, US secretary-general.

This year's United Nations General Assembly was the first for Ban Ki-moon as secretary-general of the United Nations. Al Jazeera's United Nations correspondent has travelled the globe with Ban Ki-moon during his first year in office, and in a wide ranging interview, explored issues that the secretary-general has declared to be his priority; in particular, climate change and Africa.
Shortly after taking his oath as secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon declared Africa to be his 'top priority'. During his interview with Mark Seddon, the secretary-general discussed his hopes and fears for ending the conflict in Darfur, Sudan and re-kindled wars in Eastern Congo. He also ranged over the role of UN peace keeping across the World, the peace process in the Middle East, war in Iraq and the UN Security Council stand-off with Iran over it's nuclear programme.

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This episode of Talk to Jazeera aired from 20 September 2007

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