Iyad Allawi on Talk to Jazeera
Iyad Allawi was the first prime minister of Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein.

During his ten months in power he was faced with serious security challenges including the uprising in Najaf and the US-led assault on Falluja at the end of 2004.

He remains a key player in Iraqi politics and many see him as a potential future Iraqi leader.

He talks to Al Jazeera about the current situation in Iraq and how he suspects it will develop.

He insists that the surge in troops was a waste of time and that energy would be better invested in finding a constructive way to approach reconciliation between Iraq's different groups.

The need for reconciliation is, he argues, the "real issue" that should be tackled and, he maintains, if it is not the violence within Iraq will spill over to the rest of the region.

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This episode of Talk to Jazeera aired from 07 May 2007

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