Adegoke Odukoya is a half-German, half-Nigerian hip hop artist currently based in Germany. Adé Bantu, as he has come to be known, identifies himself as Yoruba-Prussian. This identity has led Odukoya to become a musician, an activist against xenophobia and racism, and a champion of pan-African unity.

One of the figures involved at the outset of the German hip hop scene, Bantu earned two Kora Awards (the pan-African equivalent of the Grammy) for his 2005 album Fuji Satisfaction.

Bantu recently re-located to Lagos where he recorded his latest album, No Man Stands Alone, with other leading voices in the pan-African music scene, including the 84-year-old legend of Nigeria's highlife music: Fatai Rolling Dollar.

After Alberto Adriano, a Mozambican living in Germany, was killed by skinheads in Dessau, Bantu was shocked and rallied all the black German musicians he knew and set up the collective Brothers Keepers. They recorded the song Adriano, the final warning.

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Source: Al Jazeera