"I was really surprised when I found myself in Europe and when I saw white people. In my country there are very few [white people]. On my first day I saw many white people; that's when I knew that I'm in Europe. When I was in Africa I believed everybody speaks English in Europe, all of them speak English. So when I came here I saw that they speak other languages.

"Europe is very difficult. When I was in Africa I thought everything is easy, it's easy to get money. But when I came to Europe the first thing I discovered was that I'm illegal. Somebody told me I'm illegal. I didn't know what that is .... Europe is not easy. To get money in Europe you have to work very, very hard. And if you don't have papers you cannot work, you'll be afraid of the police, you are not free, everything about your life is very, very difficult."


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Source: Al Jazeera