"Africa's large dams have not reversed poverty, they have not dramatically increased electricity rates, they have not dramatically improved water supply for people living there … What they have done is help create small industrial economy that tends to be companies from Europe and elsewhere and so these benefits are really really concentrated in a very small elite" Lori Pottinger

Lori Pottinger is the editor of World Rivers Review, a quarterly publication of the NGO International Rivers, and of the annual Dams, Rivers and People reports.

Since joining International Rivers in 1995, she has been a lead campaigner for International river's Africa program, working to raise international awareness about the problems with large dams in Africa and alternatives to them. Key campaigns include the Bujagali Dam in Uganda; the giant Lesotho Highlands Water Project; and the proposed Mphanda Nkuwa Dam in Mozambique.

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Source: Al Jazeera