Malaysian Tiffany Koo has recently had the
opportunity to sail against the world's best
Monsoon Cup

The sport of sailing is often regarded something of a rich boy's sport, particularly when you take into account the money involved in the prestigious America's Cup.

But there is another side to yachting, a side where those aspiring to be among the elite, battle away with limited funds - like young Malaysian Tiffany Koo.

She has recently had the opportunity to sail against the world's best and wants more.

Sportsworld's Wayne Hay caught up with her.

Venda boxing

Young men have had the chance to prove
themselves in Venda boxing
The rules are simple - two fighters with bare fists do battle until one is knocked out or one surrenders. The Venda are a little known people from South Africa.

For at least 300 years their young men have had the opportunity to prove themselves as warriors in a traditional fighting competition - Venda boxing.

Fighters like "killer" hold hero-status in their home villages.

Al Jazeera's Rahul Pathak has more.

Bringing rugby to Ghana

Rugby is establishing a strong foothold in
There is no doubt the people of Ghana love football.

The West African country recently hosted the Africa Cup of Nations, and saw their side reach the semi-finals.

One sport you almost certainly would not associate with Ghana though is rugby - but surprisingly the sport is establishing a foothold there - as Carrie Brown reports.

South Korea's aim

One sport that is firmly in the hearts of South Koreans is archery.

The country's mens and womens teams regularly occupy the top spots at international tournaments, and the women, in particular, are gearing up for gold at this year's Beijing Olympics, as Joanna Gasiorowska reports.

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