We visit Bukom, a place famous for producing some
of the worlds greatest boxers
The football Cup of Nations is understandably dominating the sporting headlines in Ghana, but there are other sports that the country excels at.

Sportsworld visited Bukom – a slum on the outskirts of Ghana's Capital, Accra, and a place famous for producing some of the worlds greatest boxers.

Battling on blind

Earning respect from teammates and opponents on a football field is never easy. 18-year old Dumisane Ntombela has done exactly that, and won many fans for the way he plays and coaches the game.

What makes it even more of an achievement is that he is blind.

Rahul Pathak has the story.


Sportsworld takes a look at the radical design
of the Watercube
The Games of the 28th Olympiad have moved a giant step closer with one of the key venues opening for business.

The National Aquatics Centre in Beijing has become known as the Watercube. The construction is finished, and the first swimmers have had a taste.

It was a memorable opening for several reasons - the massive interest in the radical design of the venue; a teenager from Mongolia; and a swimming legend who wasn't even there.

Sportsworld's Wayne Hay explains.

Around the rings 

The international Olympic committee is one of the largest and most influential sporting organizations in the world, and in the lead-up to the Beijing Olympic games everyone wants a piece of the IOC.

One website has continually been found to be ahead of the game with their knowledge of all things Olympic.

Sportsworld's Brendan Connor went behind the scenes at Around the Rings.

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