The Johnnie Walker classic further underlined the
development of golf in India
Sunday saw the conclusion of the most important golf tournament ever held in India.

The Johnnie Walker classic was eventually won by New Zealand's Mark Brown - he held off many of the world's best players who have been attracted to the New Delhi course by a two and a half million dollar prize fund.

As Joanna Gasiorowska reports, India is also producing its own world class players these days and this event further underlined the development of golf in the country.
Basketball champions

The summer Olympics in Beijing will of course see many great events, but the men's basketball tournament promises to be one of the most competitive.

World champions Spain and America's NBA stars will be expecting to take medals home, but so too will the reigning Olympic champions.

Argentina provided one of the shocks of the Athens games by winning gold, and as Brendan Connor reports, they are determined to hold on to that Olympic title.
Bringing rugby to Ghana

There is no doubt that the people of Ghana love football.

The West African country recently hosted the Africa Cup of Nations, and saw their side reach the semi-finals.

One sport you almost certainly would not associate with Ghana though is rugby - but as Carrie Brown reports the sport is establishing a foothold there.


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