Sportsworld takes a look at the radical design
of the Watercube

The games of the 28th Olympiad have moved a giant step closer with one of the key venues opening for business.


The National Aquatics Centre in Beijing has become known as the Watercube.


The construction is finished and the first swimmers have had a taste.


Sportsworld's Wayne Hay takes a look at all the memorable moments: the massive interest in the radical design of the venue, a teenager from Mongolia and a swimming legend who was not even there.


Raging Bulls


South Africa provided both finalists in the 
Southern Hemisphere's Super 14 
In rugby, Union 2007 was definitely South Africa's year.


Not only did their national team win the world cup, but the 'rainbow nation' provided both finalists in the Southern Hemisphere's Super 14 tournament.


With a new season of Super 14 about to kick off, 2008 could be very different.


Last year's champions the Bulls from Pretoria have had to make wholesale changes to their title-winning line-up.


Dan Williams reports on how their opponents from Australia and New Zealand are determined to make sure that they do not retain their title.


Going home?


The Iraqi team may play one of their
matches in their home country
Last summer Iraq shocked the football world and brought joy to the streets of their country by winning football's Asian Cup.


It was a remarkable achievement given the troubles in Iraq that have meant the team has been unable to play or even train in their home nation. 

That could change in time.


Karthi Gnanasegram reports that as Iraq kicked off their world cup qualifying campaign against China last week, Al Jazeera learnt of plans for the Iraqi team to play one of their matches in their home country.


Golf in the Gulf


You know you have made it as a professional golfer when you get the chance to design your own course, and where better than Dubai?


Ernie Els and Tiger Woods are among the big names preparing to open courses in the Emirate, and as Sportsworld's Joanna Gasiorowska reports, the European tour organisers have jumped on the Dubai bandwagon. 

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This episode of Sportsworld aired on Monday, February 11, 2008

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