Cricket is becoming popular in China
It has been a turbulent few weeks for the organisers of the Beijing Olympics, with high profile campaigns to boycott this summer's games.

Yet it seems every sport wants to be associated with China, to take advantage of 1.3 billion potential competitors.


One of those sports is cricket.

Ever since the Chinese Cricket Association was founded in 2004 their government has been promoting the sport in its schools and colleges, and they have now started sending out national teams to representative tournaments.

Sportsworld's Rahul Pathak went to one such tournament in Thailand where he caught up with the China under-19 team.

Groundbreaking golfer

Liang wen-Chong is golf's rising star
The powers that be in golf are hoping they have a rising star on their hands from a country that is constantly in the spotlight.

Golf is a relatively new sport in China, but now they have someone who is breaking new ground.

Liang wen-Chong is going where no other Chinese player has been before, and he could well have a brand new Tour to play on.

Al Jazeera's Wayne Hay caught up with him.

Around the Rings

Around the Rings specialises in news
relating to the Olympics
The international Olympic committee is one of the largest and most influential sporting organisations in the world.

And in the lead-up to any Olympic games everyone wants a piece of the IOC.

One website has continually been found to be ahead of the game with their knowledge of all things Olympic.

Sportsworld's Brendan Connor went behind the scenes at Around the Rings.

Searching for snow

Ski fans head to fake snow slopes

And finally, China may be recovering from its worst winter for many years, but people who can afford it are searching for a different kind of snow just outside the capital Beijing.

They are hitting the slopes made of fake snow to try out skiing for the first time.

Al Jazeera's Melissa Chan reports.

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