Rory MciIroy speaks exclusively to Sportsworld's
Joanna Gasiorowska
Sports coaches and agents constantly scour the world looking for the next big thing - the kind of young talent that could take their game by storm.

Well there is a new name on the lips of those in the know in the golf world. Rory MciIroy, at just 18 years of age has shown such promise that he is being touted as the next Tiger Woods or Sergio Garcia.

The teenager spoke exclusively to Sportsworld's Joanna Gasiorowska.

Football Aussie style  

Well football fever may be gripping the African continent as the Cup of Nations reaches the closing stages, but in South Africa a different form of the game has been putting down roots.

The nation that will host the soccer world cup in two years time is being targeted as the breeding ground for the new crop of Aussie Rules football players. And as Dan Williams reports the AFL organisers have high hopes for the sport outside Australia.

Monsoon Cup

Tiffany Koo had the opportunity to sail against
the world's best
The sport of sailing is often regarded as something of a rich boy's sport, particularly when you take into account the money involved in the prestigious America's Cup.

But there is another side to yachting. A side where those aspiring to be among the elite, battle away with limited funds - like young Malaysian Tiffany Koo.

She has recently had the opportunity to sail against the world's best and wants more.

Sportsworld's Wayne Hay caught up with her.

Afghanistan's sport 

Take an animal carcass, a hundred or so men on horseback, and you have got Afghanistan's answer to polo. It is called Buzkashi and dates back to the time of Ghengis Khan.

It is clearly not a sport for the faint-hearted, but as Al Jazeera's Nazanine Moshiri found out, Afghanistan's national sport is just as popular in 2008 as it was in the 11th century.

The Super Bowl's indigenous winners

The New York Giants had a surprise victory in
the super bowl
And finally congratulations to the New York Giants for their surprise victory in the super bowl - at the end of what has been a remarkable American Football season.

But they were not the only winners at the super bowl.

And, as Al Jazeera's Brendan Connor reports from Phoenix, Arizona, the event showcased a genuine "success story" for many of the area's indigenous people.

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