Preparing the stadium for the Superbowl

Phoenix Prepares

It's the biggest event on the American Sports calendar, and this year the city of Phoenix, Arizona is playing host to the Superbowl. But what exactly does it take to host the NFL’s season finale?

Perfect Patriots?

They're on the verge of creating history after a record breaking year. Victory over the New York Giants would give the New England Patriots a perfect 19-0 season record and a 4th superbowl crown this decade. But what exactly makes them so special? Sportsworld's James Pratt explains.

Giants run onto the field at Wembleton Stadium

American Sports In London

Cruel defeats, relentless pressure to perform at the highest level and, of course, the pure elation of victory - all part of the journey the Giants and the Patriots have experienced on their way to the Superbowl.

It's the New York side, however, who can proudly claim they travelled the furthest for their place in the final. They journeyed across the Atlantic and back, making history by winning the first competitive NFL game played outside the Americas.

The NFL is not the only American league to dip its toe in the other side of the pond, and Sportsworld's Carrie Brown has been assessing their impact.

Turkish Delight

He's one of the most successful players in the NBA, and a hero in his native Turkey, so Brendan Connor caught up with Orlando Magic's Hedo Turkoglu.

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