Black cricket in South Africa has a much richer history
than you may imagine
Since the end of apartheid in South Africa, the issue of black participation in sport has been high on the agenda.

Cricket has often been seen as an exclusively white sport, however non-white cricket in South Africa has a much richer history than you may imagine.

Sportsworld's Rahul Pathak explains.

Intrepid Iranians

Katayoon Ashraf is the coach for the Iranian
womens kayak team
In a perfect world sport would be completely free of politics.

The Olympic ideal has always been about letting athletes compete on the fields of play without concern for the stances of their governments.

Sadly though, politics do tend to encroach on sport.

But as one group of intrepid teenagers from Iran recently proved, sport can be simply about the exchange of experiences, skills and fun.

Al jazeera's Brendan Connor reports.

South Africa 2010

Over four hundred thousand fans and tourists
are expected to visit South Africa
In just over 2 years time the continent of Africa will be staging football's world cup for the first occasion.

The hosts, South Africa are making all the right noises about the event, yet problems with crime, transport, and the potential legacy of the construction have been overshadowing the build up.

So Sportsworld took a look at South Africa's preparations.

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