Sepp Blatter, the Fifa president, talks to Sportsworld's
Andy Richardson
Many young African footballers dream of achieving what the majority of the Ghanaian national team already have – a contract with a big European club, and a wage packet to match.

But this trend is worrying to many in the professional game.

Sepp Blatter, the Fifa president, told Sportsworld's Andy Richardson that some of these deals were akin to the slave trade.

Clubs challenge

We look at the impact of Africa's biggest
tournament  on the English Premier League
Many of the players appearing at the Cup of Nations have already made it to the professional level in Europe.

The clubs know that this tournament comes around every two years, and that has not stopped managers signing African players or indeed complaining when those players go on international duty for a month at a crucial stage of the season.

Carrie Brown looks at the impact of Africa's biggest tournament on the English Premier League.

Football for peace

Football has been low on the list of priorities in Liberia. The West African country has recently endured 14 years of civil war.

Sportsworld reports on the Football for Peace project making its contribution towards uniting former warring factions.

Boxing in Bukom

Accra is  famous for producing some of
the worlds greatest boxers

The football Cup of Nations is understandably dominating the sporting headlines in Ghana, but there are other sports that the country excels at.

Sportsworld visited Bukom – a slum on the outskirts of Ghana's Capital, Accra, and a place famous for producing some of the worlds greatest boxers.

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