Egypt's favourite football club celebrated its
centenery in style
Egypt's Al-Ahly football team celebrated their centenery year in 2007 by winning their 100th major title.

Al-Ahly is the most popular and succesful team in the Arab world, with a fan base in the tens of millions.

But the club is about more than just sport, as Andy Richardson reports.

Grand plans

It has been a strange year for cricket.

The world cup in the Carribean was criticised for failing to attract big crowds, whereas the world Twenty20 championships were a resounding success.

This year also saw the game's world governing body trying to invigorate the game with an injection of new talent.

The Chinese Cricket Association have announced grand plans, including a fully functioning national league, and a 'credible' international side.

Tony Cheng, Al Jazeera's Beijing correspondent, reports.

Tour de Soweto

The township has drawn international attention
- this time for a race rather than a rally
Soweto in South Africa is no stranger to world headlines.

Home to scores of prominent freedom fighters it was the scene of many anti-aparthaid rallies – among them the infamous 1976 Soweto riots.

Recently, the township has again drawn international attention – only this time it is for a race rather than a rally.

Watch part one of this episode of Sportsworld on Youtube

Watch part one of this episode of Sportsworld on Youtube

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