The stadiums are empty for even the
league's biggest games
Domestic football in Lebanon is in the middle of a crisis. The stadiums are empty, even for the league's biggest games, and it is not for a lack of interest.

The grounds should be filled with tens of thousands of fans but as Al Jazeera's Zeina Khodr explains the sport is suffering because of the country's politics.

Putting shot on the map

If you think of athletics you might imagine the 100 metre sprint, the marathon or the relay.

But there are plenty of other track and field events all vying for spectator's attention. One of those is the shot put, which has a new ambassador.

World champion Reese Hoffa has an undoubted talent for getting himself and the sport noticed.

Carrie Brown reports.

Sport of kings

Sportsworld asks if polo has a future in China
The sport of polo is known as the sport of kings. It has a rich past and an association with aristocracy. So it is not a sport you might associate with communist China. But that is changing.

Polo is taking off, although enthusiasts have had to go to great lengths, even to cross-breed horses suitable for the sport.

In China, polo ponies, like gambling, are banned, so Al Jazeera's Melissa Chan went to find out whether polo has a future in the country.

Riding the wake

The wakeboard world championships are the most prestigious competition in the sport's calendar and this year the event broke new ground by being held in the Middle East.

Sportsworld's Karthi Gnanasegaram reports.

Playing for peace

Peace through Sport took place in Jordan

Few would argue that sport has a crucial role in the development of children, teaching them valuable lessons about team-building and healthy competition. Yet in areas of conflict children often do not get the chance to express themselves on the sports pitch.

A recent conference in Jordan was hoping to help change that, and encourage peace through sport. It was met with Royal approval, as Joanna Gasiorowska reports.

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