Some Australian racing clubs have been going to
unusual measures to stay afloat
A severe outbreak of horse flu has forced many racetracks in Australia to shut down - at what should have been the height of the Spring Racing carnival.

Thousands of workers in the horse racing industry have been left without jobs and facing an uncertain future.

But as Al Jazeera's Dan Nolan reports from Sydney, some racing clubs have been going to unusual measures to stay afloat.
Getting Shirty

Catalan sports fans were outraged when football club Barcelona decided to end more than 100 years of tradition and wear sponsorship on their famous kit.

Yet all was not quite what it seemed, as Carrie Brown reports.

Comeback Quest

Davenport talks about motherhood and her aim
of winning a second Olympic gold medal
For almost a decade she was one of the best players in women's tennis. Last year Lindsay Davenport took a break from the sport while she had a baby. Now the former world number one is back.

The 3-time grand slam winner looked like she had never been away as she strode to victory in her comeback tournament in Bali.

Sportsworld's Wayne Hay caught up with Davenport to talk about motherhood, regrets and her aim of winning a second Olympic gold medal.

Learning Lessons

The Chinese are learning from the US in the one
sport where they are the undisputed best
With the Olympics looming next summer in Beijing, the Chinese authorities are anxious for their teams to do well in as many sports as possible.

They are the world leaders in diving and gymnastics, and medal contenders in various other areas.

But, there is one sport where America are the undisputed best, and the Chinese are determined to learn from the best.

Al Jazeera's Brendan Connor reports.

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