The Iranian teenage girls are
crossing political barriers
In a perfect world sport would be completely free of politics.

The Olympic ideal has always been about letting athletes compete on the fields of play without concern for the stances of their governments.

Sadly though, politics do tend to encroach on sport.

But as one group of intrepid teenagers from Iran recently proved, sport can be simply about the exchange of experiences, skills, and fun.

Al Jazeera's Brendan Connor reports.

Rugby reaches out

Carrie Brown reports on a recent rugby youth
This weekend sees the final of the rugby union world cup, a clash of Northern and Southern hemisphere for the sports greatest prize.

The last month has proven that the sport has a big future around the globe, especially in countries like Argentina, Fiji and Tonga.

But what about India? It is a nation known for its cricketing prowess, yet it was they who pulled off an unlikely victory in a recent youth rugby tournament as Sportsworld's Carrie Brown reports.

The Godfather of golf

Meeting Sweden's Mr Golf

When it comes to golf, there is no country as crazy about the game as Sweden.

It is surprising when you think that it was only 30 years ago that Swedes really began taking to the game.

Before that it was seen as an elitist sport, until one man's passion for the game, changed his countrymen into a nation of swingers, as Joanna Gasiorowska found out when she met Sweden's Mr Golf.

This episode of Sportsworld aired from 15 October 2007.

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