Danny Jordaan, CEO of South Africa's 2010
organising committee
This week's Sportsworld is from South Africa, which is hosting cricket's inaugural World Twenty20 Championships.

Twenty20 is a form of cricket which has caused controversy and excitement in equal measure. The critics claimed that such a short form of the game just isn't cricket. But the fans have taken to it in huge numbers, so Sportsworld went to South Africa to find out why.

Cricket for all

Since the end of apartheid in South Africa, the issue of black participation in sport has been high on the agenda. Cricket has often been seen as an exclusively white sport, however non-white cricket in South Africa has a much richer history than you may imagine.

Africa's World Cup

Haiti's under-17s are becoming a
force to be reckoned with
In less than 1000 days time an even bigger global sporting event will come to South Africa. In 2010 Africa will host the football world cup for the first time. The man charged with organising the preparations told Sportsworld that everything is on schedule.

Haitian dreams

The Island of Haiti may not be a place you associate with football - few would imagine that they once qualified for the World Cup finals.

However, more than 30 years on, Haiti's youth side reached the under-17 world cup, and are looking to reclaim those glory days.

This episode of Sportsworld aired from Monday 17th September 2007.

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