Barcelona's shirts are now proudly emblazoned
with the Unicef logo as part of a five-year deal
Getting Shirty

Catalan sports fans were outraged when football club Barcelona decided to end more than 100 years of tradition and wear sponsorship on their famous kit. Yet all was not quite what it seemed, as Carrie Brown reports.

Fighting for survival

The ancient martial art of Muay Thai is one of the toughest pursuits on the planet. The national sport of Thailand is an almost no-holds barred form of fighting.

But in recent years its been overshadowed by the growing global popularity of standard kick boxing and K-1, a version of the sport founded in Japan. But as Wayne Hay reports from Bangkok, the skills and rich history of Muy Thai wont be disappearing without a fight.

Blade runner

Oscar Pistorious on the blocks [Getty/GALLO]

They call him Blade Runner - a reference to the carbon fibre prosthetic legs that allow Oscar Pistorius to run.

He may already be a Paralympic World Record holder, but the South African has a bigger goal - to compete at the Olympics in Beijing next summer.

Sportsworld took the opportunity to meet the man affectionately known as "the fastest thing on no legs".

This episode of Sportsworld aired on 27th August.


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