An umpire at work in China, where cricket is
slowly gaining popularity
Chinese Cricket

The sport of cricket has its eyes on the World Twenty-20 championships in South Africa. All the big teams are there - India and Pakistan, England, and of course the Australia. One nation who won't be taking part however is China, who have almost no cricketing heritage. However, as Tony Cheng reports, this may be about to change.

Sportsworld Speaks to Jacques Rogge

China is rarely out of the sporting spotlight at the moment, and neither is Jaxques Rogge. He has recently had to deal with allegations of child labour being used to make Olympic merchandise, the cloud of pollution hanging over Beijing, and the constant battle against doping in sport.

But Jacques Rogge knew that taking over as president of the International Olympic Committe wouldn't be easy. Sportsworld's Carrie Brown went to meet him.

African Dreams

Thousands of boys in Africa dream of being the next Samuel Eto or Didier Drogba. Their goal is to play their favourite game and escape a life of poverty. Many families are willing to pay agents a small fortune in the hope their sons can join a European club - but their dreams are more likely to be exploited than realised. Al Jazeera's West Africa correspondent Gabi Menezes reports.

Surf's Up

Manoa Drollett, Tahitian surfer
Earlier this year, two little known Tahitians went up against the world's best surfers in the Billabong Pro Championships. They may have had home advantage on the waves of Teuphoo, but since the event started in 1996, no Tahitian has won the main event.

Fauziah Ibrahim went to Tahiti to find out why the local surfers haven't had more success on the mythical Teuphoo waves.

This episode of Sportsworld aired from Monday 10th September 2007

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