Sportsworld looks at the growing popularity of rugby
league in Lebanon

In 2008 the Rugby League World Cup takes place in Australia. The hosts are favourites and will be hoping to celebrate 100 years of the sport in their country by lifting the trophy.

But there are other parts of the world where the game is getting started – Sportsworld's Andy Richardson travelled to an unlikely new frontier for rugby league.

Urban golf

Golf requires dedication and patience on and off the course.

It is not unusual to hear of golf clubs with 10-year waiting lists and strict course rules and dress codes.

However, one man refused to play by the rules and now, as Carrie Brown reports, thousands of golf enthusiasts are taking part in urban golf.

Chess City

The tiny Russian republic of Kalmykia is one of the poorest in the federation.

It has virtually no industry and very few natural resources, and is the only region in Europe where Buddhism is the major religion.

But as Jonah Hull reports, Kalmykia is also remarkable for its flamboyant president's devotion to the game of chess.

A new craze is hitting the slopes - snowkiting


Back in the 1960s frustrated surfers got around the winter months by inventing a new sport - snowboarding.
That activity has now become extremely popular in its own right. But now a new craze is hitting the slopes.

Like its predecessor, snowkiting is an offshoot of another water sport, and as Sportsworld's Joanna Gasiorowska found out, it is taking off big time.

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