Kenyan marathon runner Robert Cheruiyot

Kenya's distance runners

The African nation of Kenya has a reputation for producing an incredible number of top distance runners. But what is their secret?

Al Jazeera's Joanna Gasiorowska travelled to Kenya's high-altitude Rift Valley to find out more.

Al Ahly – Egypts club

Last season Egypt's Al Ahly football team won their domestic league. Fittingly it was the Cairo club's 100th major title victory in what is their centenary year.

Al Ahly is the most popular and successful team in the Arab world, with a fan base in the tens of millions.

But as Sportsworld's Andy Richardson found out, the club is about much more than just sport.


Carrie brown airboarding on the slopes
We all know that skiing requires heavy boots and long sticks.

Its radical cousin, snowboarding, often feels like having a giant banana peel strapped to your feet.

But now a new winter sport is emerging which promises to liberate those who prefer not to eat snow.

Sportsworld’s Carrie brown went airboarding.

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This episode of Sportsworld aired from Monday 13 August 2007.

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