Nick Heidfeld talks to Sportsworld

With Michael Schumacher departed from the Formula One scene, and his brother, Ralf, languishing towards the back of the field with Toyota, Germany is in desperate need of a new star in the sport.

All eyes in the F1-mad country are now transfixed on Nick Heidfeld.

The BMW-Sauber driver has quietly enjoyed a fine start to the 2007 season, and he told Sportsworld's Wayne Hay how much he is looking forward to the first European grand prix of the campaign in Spain this weekend.

Tahitians making waves

Tahiti's mystical Teahupoo waves

It may be on their home turf but no Tahitian has ever won the Billabong Pro-Surfing Championships in Teahupoo.

Al Jazeera's Fauzia Ibrahim went to find out whether that might change in 2007.

And while there Sportsworld investigates Tahiti's mystical Teahupoo waves.

Luol Deng

Chicago Bulls' Luol Deng
Earlier this month the Chicago Bulls' Luol Deng won the NBA's sportsmanship award.

He is also on the verge of becoming a great player.

The Sudanese native, who now competes for Britain, averaged 26 points per game in the first-round of the NBA playoffs. It was the highest average haul by a Bulls' player since the legendary Michael Jordan retired from the club in 1998, and came against the then-defending champions Miami Heat.

Sportsworld's Brendan Connor caught up with Deng to chat about his meteroic rise, and about the long road he has walked to basketball stardom.

Asian Scrum-down

More and more Asian women are playing rugby

The sport of rugby is no longer just a right of passage for boys to become men.

In the last few years, rugby has become a big hit with women in Europe and the Pacific.

Now more and more Asian women are scrumming down too, as Joanna Gasiorowska reports from the Qatari-capital, Doha.

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