Joel Garner talks to Sportsworld

The West Indies cricket team are in crisis according to their critics.

The team had an embarrassing exit from last month's World Cup, despite the tournament being held on their home turf.

One of those speaking out is former West Indies player Joel Garner.

He told Sportsworld that radical changes are needed in the administration of the game in the West Indies.

Overshadowing the Olympics?

Air pollution is a huge problem in Beijing
The organisers of next year's summer Olympics in the Chinese capital, Beijing, are claiming that theirs will be the best ever.

That prediction may turn out to be correct - but one persistent issue threatens to literally over-shadow the success of the games.

Air pollution is a huge problem in Beijing and, as Wayne Hay found out, no one can yet say for sure what its impact will be.

The America's Cup

 BMW Oracle
The challenger for yachting's greatest prize - the America's Cup - will soon be decided off the coast of Spain.

Once again, a team from the country the cup is named after has failed in its bid as the American entry, BMW Oracle, was eliminated by Italy's Luna Rossa.

Sportsworld's Brendan Connor visited Valencia for a look at the event and at the BMW Oracle syndicate.

The BMW Oracle came with high hopes, cutting-edge technology and a huge budget but it is now realising that big money does not always guarantee success.

Spain's basketball heroes

Spanish players are in big demand in the NBA
If you are a basketball fan you will know which country boasts the current World Championship title.

If not, you may be guessing the United States or perhaps Serbia or Argentina. But you would be wrong.

The Spanish team are the new number one in the game and, as Al Jazeera's Carrie Brown reports, Spanish players are in big demand in the world's best league, the NBA.

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