Al Ahly are celebrating their centenary year 
Egypt's Al Ahly football team have just won their domestic league.

Fittingly it is the Cairo club's 100th major title victory in what is their centenary year.

Al Ahly is the most popular and successful team in the Arab world, with a fan base in the tens of millions.

But as Sportsworld's Andy Richardson found out, the club is about much more than just sport.

Sailing into hearts

Africa's entry turned heads
The business end of the Louis Vuitton yachting series will begin with the four remaining entries battling it out for the right to challenge for the sports greatest prize. 

But, as Al Jazeera's Bendan Connor reports, it was another entry that captured hearts and imaginations during the challenge series.

Sailing towards a bright future, Africa's first ever entry turned heads at the world's greatest yachting series.

Carribean cricket

Carribean cricket continues to struggle

The Cricket World Cup in the West Indies is now over.

The hosts display was, without a doubt, one of the biggest disappointments of the tournment.

As Guy McCrea reports, the inevitable question being asked now is why, with all the money being pumped into Carribean cricket over the last few years, does the team and the region continue to struggle as a cricketing power?

Industry Insider

The sports industry's invisible players

We read and hear about it  most days. Sports men and women signing new deals that will earn them millions of dollars.

But far away from the spotlight, where there is not an athlete in sight, much more lucrative deals are being done by the organisations and businesses that make the big sporting events possible.

Wayne Hays travelled to China to meet some of the invisible players in the sports industry.

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