Indonesia's fans came out in huge numbers
Football's Asian Cup is getting down to the business end, and the organisers will be beginning to assess how successful the tournament has been.

Staging the event in four different nations was a big gamble, and most matches have struggled to attract decent crowds.

But Indonesia was the shining light, and as Wayne Hay found out the fans came out in huge numbers.

Race Relations

Fan violence and racism remain serious problems in Israeli domestic football. Tension between Jewish and Arab supporters is usually the cause.

While sport in Israel is often used as a means to express prejudice, there are also efforts to give football a more positive purpose. 

Former England player John Barnes travelled to the country to visit one team that is trying to make a difference.

Sportsworld's Andy Richardson went to meet him.

Winless Wonders

Officially the worst team in the world
Guam could be the worst footballing nation in the world.

They are joint bottom of the FIFA rankings, and their coach says the players spend too much time partying and not enough time training.

Al Jazeera's Tony Birtley went to the Pacific island to speak to a team that have never won an international match.

Pan-Am fans

Those of you who watched Sportsworld last week will be aware that the Pan-American games are taking place in Rio de Janeiro.

Athletes from the Americas are competing in over 30 sports. Locals though are struggling to feel part of the games. Tickets for many events are expensive and hard to get.

But as Brendan Connor found out, Brazilians are doing their best to enjoy what they can.

Sportsworld meets: Jacques Rogge

Jacques Rogge, the president of the
International Olympic Committee
There can be few more difficult jobs in sport.

He has recently had to deal with allegations of child labour being used to make Olympic merchandise and the constant battle against doping in sport, but Jacques Rogge knew that taking over as president of the International Olympic Committee would not be easy.

Sportsworld's Carrie Brown went to meet him.

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