David Beckham talks to Sportworld's Carrie Brown

He is the most famous footballer of his generation, and it was unsurprising that David Beckham’s arrival in Los Angeles was one of the most publicised events of the last few months.

Once Becks had been unveiled with his new team, L.A. Galaxy, Becks told Sportsworld’s Carrie Brown that he was simply focusing on playing football after the most difficult year of his career.


Sportsworld's Brendan Connor brings you the sights and sounds of Rio, playing host to the 15th Pan-Am games, described as the Olympics for the Americas.

Jaret Llewellyn is an eight-time world

Waterskiing and wakeboarding are certain to be among the most popular sports with the fans in Rio.

Al Jazeera caught up with one of the favourites to collect a medal at the championships - Jaret Llewellyn, an eight-time world champion, who has been arguably the worlds best skier over the past decade.

Many Brazillian children learn how to swim at an early age, taking advantage of the waters at the numerous beaches and bays which have become the country’s trademark.

Cesar Cielo is Brazil’s top swimmer in the sprint events and was voted US college swimmer of the year.

So Sportsworld caught up with him ahead of the Pan-Am games.

Emanuel Rego has never won Pan-Am gold

Brazillian sportsmen have certainly distinguished themselves in sporting venues around the world, and in recent years they have dominated beach volleyball.

Emanuel Rego has accomplished almost everything in his career - he has won the most tournaments, the most titles, and the most money on the professional tour.

He is also the Olympic Champion, but Emanuel has never won Pan-Am gold.

Emanuel told Sportsworld that a medal in Rio is a huge motivation, and that is why he has given up the chance of adding to his prize money on the world tour to compete in Rio.

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