One day, when the coronavirus pandemic is merely of historical concern, much time will be spent discussing its origins and evolution and evaluating its long-term effects.

But for now, for today, the coronavirus is still a matter of life and death.

With many already mourning the loss of loved ones, others fear they might be next. Billions of people around the world are still in some degree of lockdown, their lives on hold, their jobs on the line. Economies are imploding, overstretched health services are trying not to buckle under the strain and political leaders are struggling to find solutions to the biggest global challenge in decades.

So one question is uppermost: what is the best route out of this crisis?

An answer could lie in East Asia, where COVID-19 first appeared and where governments, with varying degrees of success, have tried different ways of defeating it.

As documented for this film by correspondents in China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, the distinct approaches of those four countries might have something to teach us all.