Daisy and Max both grew up in south Los Angeles, also known as South Central, when it was notorious for drive-by shootings, gangs and the Rodney King riots.

When Daisy was 15, her older sister was shot and killed in front of her by a gang member in the driveway of the family's home. This tragedy affected her deeply and she now works as a counsellor for youth affected by multi-generational gang involvement while pursuing a PhD.

Max spent most of his life in and out of gangs and prison. But in his 30s, he quit that life and became a gang violence intervention worker. He protects communities by intervening in street violence and gang disputes before they turn deadly. It's a job that means he is keeping each foot in two opposing worlds: crime and the law.

One night, Max and Daisy, who now have a baby girl, have their home raided by the FBI. Max is taken to a federal detention centre on charges for a minor drug deal that took place three years ago, before he and Daisy became a couple. FBI agents tell social workers they found drugs in the home; they take their baby Sarah and place her in a foster home. 

With their lives turned upside down, Daisy must fight to get their baby back as Max faces the possibility of being locked away for life. As Daisy battles to be reunited with their child, the reality of the devastating effects of mass incarceration and the correctional system on families in the US begins to emerge.

Daisy & Max explores the world of gang violence intervention workers, the long shadows of mass incarceration on families and children, and the lives of Latina and African-American women who will risk everything to make their communities just a little safer.

Source: Al Jazeera