What impact could the return of Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Haiti's former president, have on Haiti's political process?

Haiti has been politically paralysed since the November presidential elections which international observers say were rigged.


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With the government-backed contender Jude Celestin dropped from the race after mounting international pressure, former first lady Mirlande Manigat will face carnival singer Michel Martelly in the final round next month.

But rumors of Aristide's possible return could be politically explosive, with many of his followers keen for the run-off election to be scrapped and a new ballot held, despite his pledge to stay out of politics.

What will the return of such a polarising figure mean for Haiti's troubled democratic process? How will Haiti build its political future - and what role has the US played in the unfolding political drama?

On Wednesday, we will be discussing the issue with Jose Miguel Insulza, the director general of the Organisation of American States; Harry Fouche, an economist and the former consul general of Haiti in New York; and Mark Weisbrot, the co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, DC.

This episode of Riz Khan aired from Wednesday, February 9, 2011.

Source: Al Jazeera