As New Orleans marks the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the city has yet to recover from the storm's devastating aftermath. Hundreds of thousands remain displaced and unable to return because of a shortage of safe, affordable housing. Blighted, boarded-up homes still stand in key neighbourhoods throughout the city.

The vast majority of those displaced are African-Americans causing some to say that the city is going through an "ethnic cleansing".

The slow progress and concerns over disaster response plans has many community members raising questions about the levee system that failed New Orleans in 2005 and the Army Corps of Engineers plans for rebuilding it.


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On Thursday's Riz Khan, we ask: How long will it take to rebuild New Orleans and what more needs to be done?

Joining the show is actor and New Orleans resident Harry Shearer who produced the documentary The Big Uneasy looking into the Katrina catastrophe and the rebuilding effort.

New Orleans activist and attorney Tracie Washington will also join the show. She is the founder of the Louisiana Justice Institute.

This episode of the Riz Khan show aired from Thursday, August 26, 2010.

Source: Al Jazeera