After you lose a loved one to conflict how do you move forward and choose peace over arms?

Some Israeli soldiers and Palestinian fighters are doing just that and taking their case to the public.

On Thursday's Riz Khan show we talk to Bassam Aramin and Elik Elhanan who are both members of Combatants for Peace, a group of former fighters who are now working for a resolution to the conflict.

Aramin was a former Fatah fighter and Elhanan happily joined Israel's army at the age of 18 to become a combat soldier.


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Aramin spent seven years in an Israeli prison for planning attacks on Israelis and lost his ten-year-old daughter after she was shot by an Israeli soldier.

Elhanan lost his sister in a Palestinian suicide attack.

We ask both guests how they learned to see their enemies as neighbours, and whether or not their governments are listening to their pleas for peace.

This episode of Riz Khan can be seen from Thursday, December 22, at 1630GMT. Repeats can be seen at 2030GMT, and the next day at 0130GMT.

Source: Al Jazeera