Operation Moshtarak, a joint offensive by more than 15,000 American, British and Afghan soldiers on the Afghan city of Marjah, is entering its fifth day.

The pace of fighting has slowed with pockets of Taliban offering fierce, but unco-ordinated resistance.

The greatest challenge facing international forces at the moment seems to come from the improvised explosive devices left by Taliban fighters.

Despite their progress, US commanders on the ground say Operation Moshtarak could take up to one month.

It is all part the American strategy to "clear, hold and build". But US forces have 'cleared' areas before only to have the Taliban return once they pull back.

On Wednesday's show, we look at Operation Moshtarak and ask: If the Taliban are driven out of Marjah, will international and Afghan forces be able to 'hold and build' this time?

Joining the programme are Ali Jalali, Afghanistan's former interior minister, and Christine Fair, a former political officer to the United Nations Assistance Mission to Afghanistan in Kabul.

This episode of the Riz Khan show aired from Monday, February 17.

Source: Al Jazeera