On Tuesday's episode of the Riz Khan show we continue our discussion of the UK's role in the Afghanistan war. The public is divided and poll numbers show that support for the war is fading.

Those opposed to the war have become more vocal and they have found support in some unexpected places.


Lance Corporal Joe Glenton faces charges of desertion for refusing to return to Afghanistan. Glenton, who is currently under a gag order, says he does not want to again risk his life for a war that he calls unjustified.

Just two days before he is set to go to court, we talk to the soldier's most impassioned supporter, his mother, Sue Glenton.

We will ask about his ordeal and why she thinks it is time for the UK to get out of Afghanistan.

Amyas Godfrey, an associate fellow at the Royal United Services Institute and a former army officer, who supports the UK's continued participation in the Afghanistan war also joins the programme. 
This episode of the Riz Khan show airs on Tuesday, January 26, 2010.

Source: Al Jazeera