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Millions of people around the world are downloading their favourite songs and movies for free from the internet.

This phenomenon is putting the recording and film industries under serious threat since they are losing a huge amount of revenue from their traditional income sources.

Artists are also feeling the financial impact of illegal file-sharing, but those who speak out against internet piracy often find their fans turning against them in the blogosphere.

Many who download music regularly say recording artists actually benefit from having a wider audience online, even if it is free, because it gives them the potential to generate more income from touring.

Others say record companies are going under because they have simply not kept up with technological changes in youth culture.

Is internet file-sharing a basic right or artistic robbery? What is the fairest way to address the financial needs of artists, fans and new media distributors?

Joining the programme to discuss artistic piracy is Christian Engstrom, a member of the EU parliament from Sweden's Pirate Party, a growing European political power which advocates free use of artistic works online for non-commercial copying, and Richard Gibbs, a long-time Hollywood film and television composer who is organising the "Day of Sharing" protest in support of artists' rights.

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Source: Al Jazeera