Oil prices have shot up phenomenally [GALLO/GETTY] 

John D'Agostino, the author of a bestseller, joins Riz Khan on Tuesday to provide a behind the scenes look at the global oil market and share his analysis on what lies ahead, given the rise in international oil prices.

D'Agostino went from Brooklyn, to Harvard and finally the heart of the Arab Gulf, where he negotiated the creation of the Dubai Mercantile Exchange.

His fascinating rags to riches story is the subject of the just released book Rigged which is being made into a movie later this year.

Also joining the programme from Abu Dhabi is Dr. Ali Hussain, an oil industry analyst who argues that there are positive aspects to sky-rocketing fuel costs. 

We will ask both our experts what consumers around the globe can expect this summer as oil hovers around $130 a barrel.

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This episode of Riz Khan aired on Tuesday, May 27, 2008

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